As of December 19th, 2017 our financial 2018 monthly short fall has been reduced to $1,225 per month (or $14,700 for 2018 as per Pioneers’ recommended support calculation).  Your tax deductible donations cover local outreach, our salary, health insurance, travel, various ministry expenses and a small administration fee. I know $1,225 sounds like a HUGE monthly shortfall and you might be wondering why we’ve not said anything until now.  Well, in 2007 when we left Orlando for France we were able to make a profit on the sale of our home.  And for the last 10 years we have been slowly dipping into those funds – some months faster than others.  We have been quite happy and content using those funds for ministry!

Ours is an odd industry; It seems the longer you’ve been on the field, the more seasoned you become in ministry, the busier you are, and the fewer trips you can make to the USA.  Those realities, in the world of missions usually translate into fewer donations.  I (Steve) am the European director of PIONEERS with 15 direct reports, 77 teams and more than 300 workers in tow, yet I only make the salary equivalent of an associate pastor just out of bible college – $41,064 per year to be precise  Again, we are not complaining and like Paul consider ourselves bountifully provided for.  We are just sharing a bit of news from the inside in an open and transparent way.

If you’ve read this far you are most likely one of those who have been with us for a long time and are already so generous!  THIS IS NOT A PLEA FOR YOU TO GIVE MORE!  All we are asking is that you would pray and ask the Lord to help us build our support team.

As you know, PIONEERS is a faith based mission agency.  That means we are required to raise our own financial support from generous folks like you – all the while trusting the Lord to provide all we need.  After tithing to your local church would you prayerfully consider joining our financial support team?  Additionally, if you are unable to give monthly, we have various needs that often arise.  We would be grateful for any special gifts. We can also accept gifts in kind (used computers, phones, delta sky-miles, etc)

There are three ways to make a tax deductible donation to our ministry with PIONEERS.  100% of your donation goes towards our ministry in France/Europe :

I)   Give online now

II)  Set up an EFT (electronic funds transfer) and contribute automatically each month.

III) Download a printable donation slip to mail in with your check:

If you have any trouble online with the above options, please call PIONEERS at (407) 382-6000 and ask to speak with someone in finance.  Let them know you are interested in supporting Steve and Sara Currey’s ministry in Europe.

Financial Accountability

From time to time PIONEERS will send out general requests for funding for special projects via letters and emails.  Please do not feel obligated to respond to these requests and rest assured that in giving to our ministry you indirectly support such projects as a small portion of your donation to our ministry goes to PIONEERS.

FAQ’s and Financial Accountability in PIONEERS