RLT Hungary April 2016 (29)
Dear Epaphras,

Our meetings in Hungary went really well. My team of eight area leaders and four CORE team members (pictured here) met and sought the Lord for four full days.  We sense the Lord asking us to continue investing in developing leaders across Europe – we will start another Euro Intent leadership development program in October and already have 30 committed to that process.  We sense the Lord calling us to engage mobilization (recruiting new missionaries) and will be actively seeking those called by the Lord to join our 78 teams across Europe as well as start new ones.  We’ve added a few new team members to our regional CORE team; Mark has come on as our digital strategist, helping equip our teams to use technology in evangelism, church planting, recruitment and developing leaders.  Rick will be joining us with 25 plus years’ experience in cross cultural ministry with the specific mission of helping new church planters coming to Europe to integrate well, learning culture and language so as to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus across this needy continent.  Janet, with 15 years’ experience in Kyrgyzstan is moving to France to spearhead our response to the nearly 1,000,000 refugees who were displaced to Europe this past year.  God is moving!

This summer we will be in Minnesota (June 25-July 25; August 1-9), Illinois (July 25-31), Salt Lake City (August 9-12) and California (August 13-22) to reconnect with family, update folks on our ministry, share what God is doing through PIONEERS in Europe, raise additional finance and prayer support and enjoy some vacation.  We would love to meet up with you as you are able.  Please reply to this email if you’d like us to share at your church, small group or just hang out and catch up.

Blessings in Jesus,

Steve and Sara