Dear Epaphras,

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” John 10:27

John 10 is one of my favorite chapters in Scripture.  In it we learn first that we ‘can’ know Jesus’ voice.  And second, we can know how and where he is leading so that we can follow Him.  I know that sounds like a children’s Sunday school lesson, but, how quickly we forget this important principle in ministry; following Jesus as our Shepherd, hearing his voice and doing the things He would have us do.

There are so many needs and opportunities.  There are so many great things we could be doing.  The challenge is to quiet all the noise and busyness of ministry, to pause, to seek and to hear Him.

From tomorrow through Friday I will be meeting with my core leadership team and eight area leaders – together we lead more nearly 80 church planting teams.   We will be in Hungary seeking His will for PIONEERS in Europe and then setting some goals and objectives for the coming year.  Pray we would collectively hear His voice and know His will.  Here are some questions we will be asking, I’m sure there are more :

  • What role does Jesus want PIONEERS to play in reaching the 1,000,000+ refugees the Lord has brought to Europe?  Currently eight of our teams are focused on reaching refugees.  But, the Lord is turning to the hearts of many to step into this opportunity.
  • How can we resolve conflicts in a way that honors Him?
  • How can we better recruit members for our 80 teams in Europe?
  • Where should we start new teams?
  • Is our current leadership structure working?
  • How can we more effectively work with the local churches in Europe?
  • What does security for our workers look like after the Paris and Brussels attacks?
  • How can we better equip people to minister in an increasingly secular and also Islamic Europe and boldly proclaim to good news of Jesus daily?

Thanks for standing with us as we minister in Europe!

Blessings, Steve (for the Curreys)