Dear Epaphras,
Here is an excerpt from my (Sara’s) upcoming children’s book, Orphaleena :

“There once was a child named Orphaleena. For as long as she could remember, she lived as an orphan down in the dungeon of a beautiful castle with a beautiful garden, but had never been allowed to enjoy any of it.  Her only friend and fellow prisoner, the Magician, had told her everything about who she was; how she arrived as a child and how unfairly the King had treated her by condemning her to life to this prison…”

Two years ago this story came to me, flooding my heart with a fresh realization of God’s unrelenting love for His children who were born spiritually orphaned and then chosen, pursued and adopted by Him. I couldn’t write it down fast enough!  After sharing it with several women on the mission field, and seeing God use it to bring renewal and healing, friends have encouraged me to publish it. The 18 illustrations (cover pictured here) are being hand-drawn by a good friend and colleague, Karen B.  She is amazing.   I’ve never considered myself an author but this book is coming together in such a miraculous way.  I’m seeing the Lord’s hand in it.  We are hoping to release the English version this summer and plans are being made right now to translate it into both arabic and french.

  • Please pray for Karen as she works on the final illustrations
  • Pray for the translations into french and arabic to be done in a culturally powerful way
  • Pray for the publishing and distribution of Orphaleena – another good friend Julie is helping with that

Steve will send out another Europe related update next week.  Thanks for your continued prayers, encouragement and financial support.  Thanks for being a part of our team!

Love in Jesus,