Dear Epaphras,
Please intercede for a multi agency team who will be ministering in “the Jungle” (France’s largest squat/refugee camp in Calais) this evening – Saturday, February 13th. There are about 5000 refuges living in very unsanitary and dangerous conditions. The cold of winter combined with rain, mud and lack of sanitation makes life extremely hard.

This team has been granted permission to offer humanitarian aid AND hold an evangelistic campaign.  They expect opposition from our enemy.  However, there is a great opening in the hearts of these folks who are very disheartened with Islam.  The team will be ministering in Arabic.  Please pray for an openness to the message of Christ.  Please pray for protection of the team, their equipment and that all technical aspects of the outreach would work without problem.jungle-view

Ask the Lord to silence gangs who have threatened people from attending similar outreaches in the past.  Pray for good weather, so that many would come. And, ask the Lord for open hearts to His Gospel.  Pray for the churches in Calais who will be following up with those who give their lives to Jesus.

For His Glory,