Dear Epaphras,
In a few hours I (Steve) leave for Madrid where I’ll be joining our missionary teams from Portugal, Spain and Basque Country for 4 days of prayer, worship, teaching and fellowship.  I’m asking you to pray that our workers there would be encouraged and draw closer to Jesus.

Before I leave I wanted to share a few more specific requests for you to pray through. First, Sara will be meeting with “LZ” – the Chinese girlfriend of a friend.  She has been coming to our community group here in Bayonne now for several months.  Last weekend she and her boyfriend joined our bible study on Saturday morning.  She is super hungry for God and is coming tomorrow to know more about what following Jesus is all about.  Please pray the Lord would continue to draw LZ to Himself.

Also, four year old Lucy had her surgery this week to remove the benign tumor.  While there was the possibility she would loose a kidney, in God’s mercy, that didn’t happen.  She is now tumor and cancer free.  She will be returning from the hospital this weekend.  And we are grateful.

Our church planting team in eastern Hungary continue to see friends turning from their sins to Christ.  Pictured here is a baptism from last night.

Lastly, please pray for our church here locally, we need faith to trust the Lord for a bigger facility.  Our services are packed out, standing room only.  We will be meeting next friday as elders/deacons to make some decisions.  Pray our decisions would be ones fueled by faith.

Blessings in Jesus.

Steve (for the Curreys)