Dear Epaphras,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus.  I (Steve) was reflecting last week on the healing of the paralytic in Luke 5 v 17 – 25.  It struck me that Jesus’ words to the young man, ‘pick up your mat and go home’ were not really the point of the story.  Yes, Jesus healed this man and yes, he heals again today.  But, how often do we seek earthly miracles (health for example) and overlook the greater one?  The greater miracle, the one that really affected those present in Luke’s account, was Jesus’ claim that He could forgive sins.  Jesus has the authority in this universe to forgive sins and make each of us acceptable to God. Can we rejoice in that fact alone?  Physical healing is at best only temporary. Like the healed paralytic, we will all leave this earth one day.  However, a forgiven soul’s healing is eternal!  And, that is the good news!

That said, because we live in this world, and because God cares for us, we are praying for the physical healing for two families in France.

First, the K family.  On New Years day they were met with the terrible news that their 4-year-old daughter has cancer in her digestive system.  This family has pushed through serious health problems in the past to courageously glorify Jesus in Chad and now in France.  They are church planting among Arab speaking refugees just 5 hours to the north of us.  Please join us in praying for their precious daughter, Lucy, who is pictured here.  They have a series of tests scheduled this week and have asked for prayer that Lucy would not get scared during those. Next Wednesday they meet with an orthopedic oncologist.  Pray for healing.  Pray for a miracle.  Pray for peace.  Pray the K family would continue to sense the Lord’s nearness.

Secondly, our team in northern France is also going through a trial.  Our leader’s spouse has fallen again into a depression.  Please pray for this dear family as they seek healing and encouragement.

Lastly, pray for our teams and partner agencies in Greece who are confronted, daily, with the seemingly endless stream of human suffering associated with the refugees continuing to pour into Europe – 35 lost their lives yesterday when their boat overturned just off the coast of Turkey.  Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.  Pray for an end to the conflict in Syria.

Today, Steve drives to Valence.  He will be meeting with our leaders in France for prayer, encouragement and strategic planning.  Pray for safety during his trip.  Pray the spirit of Jesus would encourage, refresh and renew each leader.  They will be eleven in all.

Thank you for standing with us for the Gospel in France and in Europe.  We are trusting the Lord to bless you as you pray for us and rejoice in Jesus who has healed our souls for eternity!

In Him,

Sara and Steve