Dear Epaphras,
Gratitude fills our hearts as we daily experience the outpouring of your love, prayers and support.  France is in a 3 month state of emergency, but God is good! Each day brings new developments of possible terrorist threats, and the discovery of new plots.  We are grateful for the french police who have found many of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks.  However, our nation, neighbours and friends live with a deep unrest.  Several traditional Christmas events have been cancelled for fear of further attacks.  

Pictured to the right is a makeshift memorial for the Paris victims set up not far from our home here in Bayonne.  Pray the Lord would continue to use these tough times to draw this country to Himself.  May this sense of vulnerability bring each person to seek out a real, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving praises…

Last week we hosted our future teammate, Rachel and enjoyed having her here on French soil after months of planning. She will be serving on our team, helping out with administration and mobilisation for Europe.  She also has a heart to disciple young Bayonnaises toward Jesus.  She plans to arrive in Bayonne the spring of 2017 after a year of french study in Paris.

Praise the Lord with us for Julia’s successful bile duct reconstruction surgery. She is recovering well and looks forward to returning to sports and physical activities after the new year.

Our work among refugees in Europe is expanding.  Here is an encouraging story we heard this week.  We have a family who served the Lord faithfully in Afghanistan and recently moved to Greece. Last week, as they have for so many weeks, they went to an island in the south to welcome arriving boats of refugees with food, blankets and warm clothes.  And, a total surprise to them, they met a friend from their former afghan village getting out of one of the boats.  In his home country, this man was resistant to the Gospel.  In Greece however, he was open to hearing about Jesus.  He allowed our teammates to pray for him.

Today, our team in Nantes, France is hosting several arabic speaking refugees for Thanksgiving dinner.  They are living in a squatters camp near their home, without heat or running water.  Ask the Lord to bless this time together and open doors for the Gospel.

Our annual English group Thanksgiving celebration will be this Sunday. Each year we ask you to pray for our time with our friends from Azereix. Please pray as we discuss current events and the differences between Christ, Islam and Atheism. We ask you to stand with us as we continually point our friends to faith in Jesus.

Blessed and thankful in Jesus,

Sara for the Curreys