pray4parisDear Epaphras,
I checked with our people in Paris and all are accounted for in the wake of last night’s attacks.  We are all terribly saddened and shocked.  These attacks were different from January’s attack on Charlie Hebdo, a notoriously satirical magazine.  Last night’s six targets were places all french frequent; sporting events, restaurants, cafes and concert halls.  And the scale is much larger; 127 dead, 70 seriously injured and 130 other hospitalized. This is France’s, “9/11!”

Here are some things we are asking the Lord for and invite you to join us.  First, ask the Lord for speedy justice.  These attacks were well planned and carried out and there had to have been others involved.  Until the plans and those behind them are exposed and the others are brought to justice, it will be hard for Paris to get free from fear, grieve and move on.  Second, we are asking God to expose the lies of false, man-centered religions like Islam, atheism, agnosticism, spiritualism and the new age, to name a few. France needs to know, turn to and worship the One true God.  The above counterfeit, man made religions simply will not satisfy.  Third, we are asking the Lord to protect France from hatred, which will undoubtedly lead to more radicalization.  Pray instead that Christians in Paris would have opportunity to love the hurting and care for those who have suffered trauma.  Pray also that Europe wouldn’t take this out on the newly arrived refugees – the majority of whom have fled countries where attacks like Paris experienced last night are daily occurrences.  And lastly, join us in asking the Lord for open hearts toward Jesus and lots of Gospel opportunities for all Christians. Pray that we would,

“… Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…”  

1 Peter 3:15

Thank you for standing with us and the people of France in prayer.

In Christ, Steve and Sara